OmniChip has been founded in 2013 by a group of people brought together by one vision: creating products that would bring a difference to this world.

In today's world, where energy resources become more and more limited, we are in even deeper need of self-regulating, smart systems that would allow us to preserve energy and help us make our lives easier, more efficient and environment friendly.

We see a bright future in the automated design, where our ordinary appliances and tools can help us in our daily tasks – optimize our energy bills, manage heating systems or even help us with our groceries.

Our strategy

Internet of Things

"According to Gartner there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020"

The vast network of smart devices, communicating via power lines, Ethernet, Internet or radio waves will allow us to coordinate our activities, react faster to customer demands, gather data necessary to bring new, better products and help people around the world with their daily lives.

We focus our attention on this market as we see a great potential in leveraging the existing World Wide Web and changing ordinary product into extraordinary ones.


Smart Grid is a new generation of electrical grid, combined of power distribution network and ICT. It is a large scale system integrating various components responsible for power generation, distribution, power grid operational management, supply continuity, energy market management, customer service and new services for end users.

Smart Grid is a big step towards a more efficient and responsible usage of electrical energy. It will benefit both energy providers and the customers. In cooperation with HAN networks it will let us not only lower our energy bills but also protect our environment. Therefore OmniChip is already active on the Smart Grid market, working on solutions to challenges that may appear in the nearest future.

Capital Group

OmniChip has two main capital investors:

  • Atende Software - 15% of company shares

  • Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park - 40% of company shares

Atende Software

provides products and services for the largest Polish companies operating in media, telecommunications and energy industries. It has created redCDN, the largest multimedia content distribution network on the Polish Internet, as well as data acquisition service for energy metering and Process Security Management System compatible with NATO standards. It is the leading force of newly created capital group focused on developing innovative technologies.

Euro Centrum Science and Technology Park

focuses on developing energy efficient technologies and energy saving in buildings. Their main idea is to create a base for business and research sector in the form of offices and laboratories. The park provides financial support for creation of new companies or developing projects, focused on renewable sources of energy.