Our team

OmniChip is a group of specialists, having many years of experience, fully dedicated to the company.

Deep knowledge, attention to every detail, ability to solve complex challenges and creativity are the features that describe us. The experience and involvement of our team will ensure the success of every project we are doing. We take pride in making products of the highest quality.

Our management

Tomasz Pomorski

President & CEO

Tomasz graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology in 2002, defending his master thesis on cryptography. Having a very strong technical background he also has 8 years experience in management.

He started his career by receiving training in Inside Contactless in Aix-En–Provence, France, that ended with full employment in 2003. Not more than half year later, he became a Picoread project leader, dealing with ICs for contactless application reader and NFC. After three years he came back to Poland to become a manager of the Polish division of the company.

At that time he was a Technical Leader of the Microread project, supervising development of NFC microcontroller for mobile phones, later used in Blackberry. Being in Poland he still took part in the most important projects.

During his career as a senior designer he developed ROM memories, RF interfaces, serial interfaces, DSP modules (filters, sample rate converters) and other various analog and digital designs. In 2013, having 10 years of experience, he became
a Co-founder and the leading force behind the creation of OmniChip company.