Semiconductor IPs

We design open microprocessor platform IP for the Internet of Things applications

Smart Grid

We develop products and solutions for the Smart Grid market

Design Services

We offer services in integrated circuits design & verification

"We strive to be a global provider of ICs in the upcoming era of the Internet of Things.
We believe that in making things smarter and more efficient we can improve the quality of life and work towards a better future."

Tomasz Pomorski, Co-Founder and CEO


OmniChip is a semiconductor company, founded in 2013. We develop solutions for the smart systems market to address the challenges of today's world like efficient resources management and improving quality of life. We are one of the few companies in Poland developing semiconductor IPs.

Our goal

We are creating a portfolio of IPs dedicated for the Internet of Things applications. At the heart of it we place a low-power microprocessor chip we are currently developing.
Our product will offer the complete solution for device developers.


We have worked on many ICs dedicated for the global NFC market. Our chips have been used in several applications which covered the whole spectrum of contactless products ranging from NFC tags through paycards to NFC readers. Our biggest achivements include:


We developed a dual power mode (power harvesting or battery) NFC microprocessor that has been used in Blackberry phones.

Payment Applications

For Visa and Mastercard contactless payment applications, which have won 75% of contactless payment market in the US, we developed a proximity microcontroller.

Contactless Readers

We developed one of the first NFC interface chips for contactless cards readers, used in terminals worldwide.